Top Three Must-Visit Attractions In Hereford

Hereford is a trading hotspot for the agricultural community. The city celebrates a rich cultural heritage and a range of historical landmarks that make it a hotspot for local and international tourism. The Hereford cathedral, the museum of cider, and The Courtyard Theatre will give visitors a glimpse of its historical significance.

Hereford Cathedral

The Anglican cathedral church started construction in 1079 AD, and it was officially opened to the public in 1250. The cathedral has stood for more than seven centuries, but historians claim that the location has been a place of worship since the 8th century. Inspired by Gothic architecture, the cathedral is a must-visit for history buffs and visitors passing through.

Museum of Cider

This museum celebrates the history of agriculture in Hereford. The former Bulmer’s cider factory hosts the exhibition, and it covers the history of cider in the region. Visitors can learn how apples were collected and how apple juice was fermented to produce a range of cider products. Experience this century-old tradition at the Museum of Cider.

The Courtyard Theatre

The city of Hereford is not just known for its historical attractions, but it also delves into the subject of modern arts and performances. The Courtyard Theatre is the creative cultural hub of Herefordshire. It invites guests to experience live performances, dramas, and music works from local artists and performers around the world. The theatre also has dine-in options.

Other honourable mentions that need to be considered when travelling through the countryside of Herefordshire include the Chase Distillery, Berrington Hall, The Weir Garden, and The Black and White House Museum. Send your queries to the Tourist Information Centre in Hereford. Follow this site for more things to do in Hereford and beyond.