Herefordshire is a beautiful county in the West Midlands of England. Eager to visit Herefordshire? Follow these engaging travel blogs to read about the latest projects, events, and activities in the county.

These Four Walls – An Autumn Break in Herefordshire

This travel and lifestyle blog features award-winning photographer and writer Abi. She talks about her experience in the county of Herefordshire. She shares pictures, stories, and interesting historical facts about the county and its inhabitants. Abi explores the black and white villages, where many buildings and ruins still stand from medieval times.

The community of Pembridge features old-fashioned cafes, an art gallery, and the magnificent “Great Oak of Eardisley’’. She discusses the history of Hereford’s famous cattle breed and the thousands of acres of apple orchards that span the countryside. They pay a visit to the Cider Museum and share stories of her experiences sampling apple ciders.

Guide2 – Ultimate Guide To Herefordshire

This blog shares insight into the latest activities and attractions in the county of Herefordshire. Explore the county’s world-renowned agricultural heritage and discover a range of locally sourced products. Travellers can experience brewery tours, hiking trails, bars, restaurants, and a range of art gallery exhibits.

The guide talks about romantic getaways, luxury accommodation, and famous local eateries to indulge in. Get tickets to see the latest theatre production in Hereford or find out more about the intriguing history of cider making in the county. Visitors will also find a range of restaurants serving foreign cuisine.

Herefordshire – Wildlife Trust

This blog covers a broad range of topics concerning the natural world and environment in Herefordshire. Discover a series of environmental projects in the county that seek to promote the conservation of wildlife. The White Stork Project is run by volunteers to protect the habitat of Stork species in the area.

The county of Herefordshire is slowly transforming into a hotspot for affluent families from the southeast of the country who are looking for more affordable housing. Users can read our story on English country holidays to find out more.