3 Ways To Travel From London To Hereford

Hereford is a historically significant civil parish and the most densely populated region in the county of Herefordshire. Where is Hereford? People visiting the UK for the first time or travellers who are unfamiliar with the western parts of England can journey to the beautiful city of Hereford in about four hours from central London.

There are three popular means of transportation taking the train from the London Paddington Station, taking the bus from the London Victoria Coach Station, or driving to the destination by car.

Travelling To Hereford By Train

There are three main train routes to Hereford travelling from the London Paddington Station. Trains pass through Birmingham, Oxford, and Newport. The route via Birmingham will likely be the longest journey, with Google maps recommending that travellers should opt for the train that runs through Oxford for a shorter journey through the countryside.

Taking The Bus To Hereford

The bus will likely have the advantage of being the cheapest option, but passengers may need to wait more than four hours before reaching their destination. Passengers can get on board at the London Victoria Station. The bus will take travellers through a few lesser-known towns like Tarrington and Dormington before reaching Hereford.

Driving to Hereford By Car

Travellers who decide to travel by car to Herefordshire could cut their journey time in half. The two-and-a-half-hour drive will take you through notable cities like Oxford, Gloucester, and Cheltenham before reaching Hereford. However, this may be the costliest means of transport if you don’t own a car. Taxi services also operate from central London.

No matter which form of travel you choose, it is bound to be an exciting trip for individuals who are new to the region. Users can browse for the best deals on buses, trains, flights, and airport transfers online.